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LEED Learning and Teaching Conference 2023: How to get involved

The Centre for Learning Enhancement and Educational Development (LEED) are delighted to announce Manchester Met’s annual Learning and Teaching conference. Visit our conference website and…

From  Benjamin Davies 168 plays

Turn on live captions in Chrome #12daysoftel

Day 6: When playing media in Google Chrome, you can turn on live captions in the Accessibility settings

From  Stuart Parkin 2 plays

Learning Enhancement and Educational Development Welcome Introduction | Professor Fiona Saunders

In this video, Professor Fiona Saunders welcomes you to the new Centre for Learning Enhancement and Educational Development (LEED). Fiona outlines LEED's aim, in addition to the resources…

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A Tour of Moodle

This video is a recording of the training session that took place on 6/10/22. The session provided a tour of Moodle and highlighted some areas of Moodle that are not very well known.

From  Leanne Fitton 25 plays

Show & TEL: Structuring content in Moodle

In our first Show and TEL session Anne Everett shares how Moodle Books can be a really useful tool to structure content.

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Get Moodle ready for Semesters - existing units

This video is a recording of the session on 11th July 2022 that offered advice on getting Moodle areas ready for the 2022-2023 academic year.

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Moodle for Semesters - Course Formats 27th June 2022

This 30-minute session will provide you with an overview of the Moodle Formats available to you including weekly/topics, grid, flexible sections and OneTopic. We will outline the pros and cons of…

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TEL Pre Session Information

This video gives an overview of where TEL training sessions take place within the Tech for Teaching and Learning Community.

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How to create a Class Notebook

From  Colin McAllister-Gibson 18 plays

Getting Ready for ELTAT Task 3: Getting to know each other

Demo of how to complete this getting ready task.

From  Rod Cullen 40 plays

Lock and unlock a student submission in OneNote / Class Notebook document

From  Colin McAllister-Gibson 183 plays

Adding group collaboration areas to a onenote / class notebook

From  Colin McAllister-Gibson 45 plays

Class NoteBook - Distribute section to students

From  Colin McAllister-Gibson 15 plays

Adding group sections into the collaboration area

From  Leanne Fitton 4 plays

Whiteboard and Interactive Tools

From  Andrew Larner 130 plays

Using Video to Teach

Session from 13/08/2020 This session focuses on how you can develop video content for teaching.

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