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How to see if students have engaged with a video on mmutube

This video explains how to access and interpret the data available to you in mmutube about student engagement. You can use these analytics to understand more about the parts of the video that…

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TEL: New to marking online

This session will covers the range of ways in which you can mark summative and formative student work online. We’ll cover best practices for marking in Moodle and Turnitin and offer some top…

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How to... assign participants to breakout rooms in advance (MS Teams)

This short video demonstrates how you can assign participants to breakout rooms before the meeting takes place.

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How to... use breakout rooms in MS Teams

This video explains how to use the breakout room functionality in MS Teams. It goes through how to set them up, how to move participants into them, how to send an announcement and how to close the…

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Drop Pin Questions in Kahoot #12daysoftel

Day 9 - Use the Drop Pin Question type in Kahoot! to get opinions from your students. In this short video walk-through we demonstrate the new drop-pin question type in Kahoot, which you can use to…

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How to create video thumbnails for a more polished look #12DaysofTEL

Day 11: How to create video thumbnails/cards to add to your videos for a more professional look & feel. In this video guide we quickly look at how you can use templates to create…

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Restoring closed tabs in Chrome and saving a bookmark #12DaysofTEL

Day 8: Restoring closed tabs in Chrome and saving a bookmark In today's short vide we'll show you how to restore closed tabs in the Google Chrome Broswer (a life saver for me) and how to…

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“What are my student’s doing_” Tips for Checking Student Engagement in Moodle

In this 30 minute session we explore different Moodle reports to help gauge student engagement and look at how the Activity Completion Settings can be used to make tracking progress transparent and…

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Micro Moodle: Turnitin Top Tips

This session will take you through the useful features of Turnitin such as creating your own quick mark set, adding comments to documents, using audio feedback and adding Rubrics to mark with.

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Assessor Allocation in Moodle

In this 30 minute session we will take a look at the different ways to assign submissions to assessors in Moodle. This task can be completed in multiple ways and we will go through the pros and cons…

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A Tour of Moodle

This video is a recording of the training session that took place on 6/10/22. The session provided a tour of Moodle and highlighted some areas of Moodle that are not very well known.

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Using the Discovery Tool - A Guide for Students

This video will talk you through how to use the Discovery Tool to take a self assessment of your digital skills and capabilities. It explains how to access the tool, how to log in, how to take a…

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Mentimeter Basic training session

A session that will introduce you to basics of Mentimeter. This session will be useful if you’ve used Mentimeter a little but would like a refresher or to see what else it can do. This will be…

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Lecture Capture - A Refresher Training Session

In this video, we will cover: Opting in and out of Lecture Capture Delcom light button in the lecture theatres Creating your Echo360 Moodle link Access to your…

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Micro Moodle: This session will save you time

In just 15 minutes, discover top tips for rearranging your Moodle page, recover recently deleted content, embed videos seamlessly and much more. Spend 15 minutes to save hours! Includes: how to…

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Micro Moodle: What can my students see?

This is a live session recording. Do you often wonder about the visibility of activities, resources and inboxes on your Moodle page? This handy 15 minute session will go through the restriction and…

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