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How to mute chat notifcations during teams calls

In-call notifcations for chat messages can quickly become an annoying distraction, particularly in large meetings with a busy back channel. To stop these annoying pop-ups you can quickly and easily…

From  Kate Soper 3 plays

How to see if students have engaged with a video on mmutube

This video explains how to access and interpret the data available to you in mmutube about student engagement. You can use these analytics to understand more about the parts of the video that…

From  Leanne Fitton 4 plays

How to allocate markers to students in the Moodle coursework tool

If you need to share marking out between markers in Moodle, an easy way to do that is to use the Allocate Markers option. If you have tutors or external moderators on your unit page in Moodle, then I…

From  Kate Soper 7 plays

How to create a bespoke quickmark set for marking in Turnitin

In this quick guide we show you how you can generate a bespoke set of quickmarks to use in your Turnitin marking. This is a great way to generate consistency across a marking team. You can copy and…

From  Kate Soper 6 plays

How to set up a grading form in Turnitin for marking

In this guide we explore how you can use the grading form in Turnitin to set up different grading criterions, against which marks can be allocated and feedback given.

From  Kate Soper 2 plays

How to use Word online to dictate your written feedback

In this video walk-through, we show you how you can use Word online to dictate your written feedback. Once dictated, you can then copy and paste the feedback into your feedback tool. Perfect for if…

From  Kate Soper 4 plays

How to set a duration to your "do not disturb" status in teams

When you need to concentrate, Teams can prove to be a distraction. You can help to manage that by either setting your status to Do Not Disturb or Appear Offline, the only trouble is remembering to…

From  Kate Soper 4 plays

How to access meeting chat whilst sharing screens in teams: three options

In this short video we show you how you can use Share window and Windows Snap to split screens, how to extend your monitor if you have access to an additional screen to your laptop and also how to…

From  Kate Soper 3 plays

How to... assign participants to breakout rooms in advance (MS Teams)

This short video demonstrates how you can assign participants to breakout rooms before the meeting takes place.

From  Leanne Fitton 16 plays

How to... use breakout rooms in MS Teams

This video explains how to use the breakout room functionality in MS Teams. It goes through how to set them up, how to move participants into them, how to send an announcement and how to close the…

From  Leanne Fitton 17 plays

Drop Pin Questions in Kahoot #12daysoftel

Day 9 - Use the Drop Pin Question type in Kahoot! to get opinions from your students. In this short video walk-through we demonstrate the new drop-pin question type in Kahoot, which you can use to…

From  Stuart Parkin 25 plays

How to auto release sections on Moodle by date #12DaysofTEL

Day 10: How to use the restrict access function in Moodle to release content by date This feature is particularly useful if you want to stagger student access to Moodle content, or if you are…

From  Kate Soper 5 plays

Using Moodle and Microsoft 365 to upload (and edit) files #12daysoftel

Day 4: Use your ManMet Microsoft 365 account to add files from your OneDrive into a Moodle area

From  Stuart Parkin 9 plays

What is Activity Completion & why do I want it? #12DaysofTEL

Day 7: An introduction to the Activity Completion settings in Moodle This is a very quick introduction to what the activity completion settings in Moodle do, how they look to students and a quick…

From  Kate Soper 3 plays

Share a OneDrive file or folder #12DaysofTEL

Day 5: Share a OneDrive file or folder In this short video we'll show you how to share a file and folder with a colleague so that they can view or edit (your choice) the contents.

From  Colin McAllister-Gibson 12 plays

Use Menti to create interactive homework #12DaysofTEL

Day 3: Use Mentimenter to create asynchronous homework activities for students Menti is a great tool for creating interactive polls during your live teaching sessions, but did you know it can be…

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