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Assignment size guidance

This video offers guidance on the subject of assignment size. Check out the UTA website for guidance on all aspects of assessment at Manchester Met.

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LEED Learning and Teaching Conference 2023: How to get involved

The Centre for Learning Enhancement and Educational Development (LEED) are delighted to announce Manchester Met’s annual Learning and Teaching conference. Visit our conference website and…

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Learning Enhancement and Educational Development Welcome Introduction | Professor Fiona Saunders

In this video, Professor Fiona Saunders welcomes you to the new Centre for Learning Enhancement and Educational Development (LEED). Fiona outlines LEED's aim, in addition to the resources…

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My experience as a BAME Ambassador

Tomilola Adedewe discusses her experience being a student and BAME Ambassador at Manchester Metropolitan University. Tomilola originally gave this talk in the form of a presentation at Euro SoTL…

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Personal Tutoring Five-Minute Explainer

In this five-minute explainer, Dr Eileen Pollard gives a brief overview of Personal Tutoring at Manchester Met.

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Power BI Dashboard Explainer

In this video, Rosie Bryce guides you through the a fake Power Bi dashboard. Rosie will demonstrate how to organise data according to the different characteristics listed. Doing this will allow you…

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Personal Tutoring Refresher

This Personal Tutoring Refresher screencast aims to support both experienced and new colleagues in their roles as Personal Tutors.

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Decolonising the Curriculum Toolkit: Introduction (internal)

Theresa Nicholson introduces the Decolonising the Curriculum (DtC) Toolkit, outlining what the resource has been made for and what you will gain from working through it. The DtC Toolkit has been…

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That’s Life! The Stuff of Home and Family

Students share experiences of home life and family circumstances. They speak about the often hidden impacts on study, of external challenges such as parental control, finance, accommodation, cultural…

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Don’t They Know It’s NOT Christmas? The Impact of Cultural Difference

Here, students reflect on the impact of cultural differences around religious festivals and practices, and around food and drink. Explanatory note: Video narratives are compiled from extracts of…

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Safety in Numbers: Working and Socialising Together

Students share their experiences of the value of working and socialising together for mutual support, peer learning, and identity safety. They express a desire that mechanisms be integrated into…

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Decolonising: Why and What? Tackling the Legacy of Colonialism in Curricula

In this video, students share their views on why decolonising the curriculum is needed. They also recommend measures to ensure decolonising is successful, both in terms of specific curriculum…

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Being ‘Other’ - Experiences of Racism and Marginalisation

Students reveal the impact of personal experiences of racial inequality and marginalisation. They also make observations about the behaviours of some Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff and the…

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Dr Jon Wright talks through some of the features that can interfere with effective communication when teaching an audience of international students. Check out the UTA Internationalisation webpage…

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Identity Safety: Feeling safe and supported at university

Students reflect on some of the factors that influence their perception of identity safety at university and the important role of formal and informal personal support. Explanatory note: Video…

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Building Confidence and Community - And The Role of Extra-Curricular Activity

Students reflect on their experience of engaging with extra-curricular activities; the opportunities this brings for widening their experience and skills, broadening their career aspirations, making…

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