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Groupings in Moodle 4

This video demonstrates how to how to create a grouping and then add groups to it in Moodle.

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Set up a Quickmark set in Turnitin

This video explains the process of creating a custom Quickmark set in Turnitin and export it. .

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Moodle 4 Text Editor

Moodle 4 Text Editor Overview showing the new simplified interface and options for adding content.

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How to... embed external content in Moodle

In this video we look at how to embed content from external sites, into the Moodle Page resource and also directly into your Moodle course using the Text and Media area resource. …

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How to... use the Moodle feedback activity

This video takes you through the process of setting up a questionnaire using the Moodle feedback activity.

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How to... access & download a Moodle participant list

In this video we cover how to access, filter and download a list of participants on your moodle area. We also look at how to use email addresses from this list to send a group email to your students.

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Getting started with mmutube 18th August 2020

Webinar Session

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Introducing Moodle: What it is and how to access it

Moodle is where the online component of your course lives. This video gives you everything you need to know to get in and get started.This video covers: What Moodle is (from 0:02) Where to find the…

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Transforming the Student Experience at Manchester Met

A summary of work undertaken since 2010 to transform the student experience. Focuses in particular on digital innovations, such as Moodle and Dashboards to support Continuous Monitoring and…

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