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How to access and change options for online remote session in MS Teams

From  Leanne Fitton 11 plays

How to remove people from a Teams meeting

You can remove any participant, including if they have entered the meeting as a guest, from a meeting. This short video explains how to remove someone from your online remote live session.

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Whiteboard and Interactive Tools

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Peer Assisted Learning - Introduction to Microsoft Teams

This video is designed to introduce Peer Assisted Learning Leaders to the Microsoft Teams platform for running Peer Assisted Learning sessions. The video covers the main features of Microsoft Teams…

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Distribute Document to a Remote Class for Comment and Feedback using Class Notebook

Summary: This video gives an informal, light touch outline on how to distribute documents to a remote class for comment and subsequent tutor feedback using Class Notebook. The aim here is to be…

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Teams is coming to Manchester Met

MS Teams will soon be rolled out to staff at Manchester Met

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