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From  Sian Caldwell 2 Weeks ago 0 views

How to paste marks from an Excel spreadsheet into Moodle

Do you have students marks stored on an Excel spreadsheet and need to put them onto Moodle? This video shows a quick and easy way to copy and paste marks from Excel into Moodle.

From  Kate Soper 2 Months ago 3 views

Tech Tuesdays - Moodle Forums

This is a recording of a live session. This session provides an overview of the different types of forums can be used within Moodle, examples of potential uses and guidance on best practice. …

From  Leanne Fitton 2 Months ago 3 views

How to set up a Moodle Assignment for group work

Are your students doing a piece of group work? Do they need to submit something collaboratively? Do you want to return the same marks and feedback to all members of the group? In this video we…

From  Kate Soper 2 Months ago 16 views