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Climate Conversations Manchester - Chris, Student

Climate Conversations Manchester is a series capturing the thoughts of the city's residents, workers and visitors on climate change and what they are doing to make a difference. For more…

From  Steven Millington on April 26th, 2018 12 plays

Geography at Manchester Met | Meet Ifrah and Chloe

We’re fascinated by our natural and built environments: how and why they vary and how they coexist with our social world. If you are too, you’ve found a home for your passion. Hear all…

From  Steven Millington on February 22nd, 2018 26 plays

Steve Millington_ Destination Marketing 2017

This presentation analyses the relationship between football stadia and place. It provides an overview of football related research by IPM members, including Tim Edensor, Dominic Medway and Cathy…

From  Steven Millington on February 5th, 2018 7 plays

Football and Architecture (RE-PORT)

We spoke to Steve Millington, a lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, about the connections between architecture and football. We asked him about the importance of a stadium as a football…

From  Steven Millington on February 5th, 2018 9 plays

Invisible College public talk - Tim Edensor, 23.3.2012

Geographer Tim Edensor talks about his research on industrial ruins. This talk was part of the Invisible College research network, based on the ruins of Kilmahew and St. Peter's College, near…

From  Steven Millington on February 5th, 2018 8 plays

Steve Millington - What do you think about Christmas lights?

I made this video back in 2010 for comixedmcr, which relates to a piece of research we did on household Christmas Lights displays.

From  Steven Millington on February 5th, 2018 28 plays

Geography of Health CPD Welcome Video

This is a brief welcome to those students who are studying the Geography of Health CPD course

From  Mark Cresswell on September 4th, 2017 10 plays