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Screencasts for assessment support: Michael's story

Michael shares his experience of making screencasts to support students with their assessments.

From  Leanne Fitton 2 Weeks ago 7 views

Show and TEL: How can technology help with summative assessments?

This is a recording of the Show and TEL session scheduled for 16th November 2018 on the subject of how technology can help with summative assessments. This session shares some approaches that can…

From  Leanne Fitton 3 Weeks ago 3 views

Groups in Particpant Page

Moodle now allows you to see the groups that students are assigned to from the participants page.

From  Leanne Fitton 3 Months ago 5 views

What's new in Moodle 3.4? File type selector

The new "file type selector" in the assignment settings section allows you to restrict the file types that can be submitted quickly and easily.

From  Leanne Fitton 3 Months ago 9 views